Communication Skills for Discovery and Qualification

Selling in the Internet AgeEffective Diagnosis and Strong Qualification

Effective diagnosis and qualification combines communication, language and interpersonal skills with scientific sales process that will enable your sales teams to sell more.
Sales talent is overrated, according to Geoffrey Colvin. Sales performance comes from mastering communication, language and interpersonal skills over time and we know that success in selling as in any other discipline is a result of learning new skills and practicing them deliberately while getting feedback and coaching from experts.

Whether you have an abundance of inbound leads for salespeople to process or when there are no inbound leads and your sales team is doing the heavy-lifting in generating leads, every company can sell more with consultative sales training and process improvement in this area.

We train, coach and mentor salespeople and sales managers in inter-personal communication including listening skills, language and psychology skills for effective diagnosis and to qualify strongly using the following criterea;
  1. The buyer shares a goal or problem with you or you identify pain that the sales training free trialbuyer is comitted to resolving in your timeframe.
  2. You have identified a champion to take your case to the decision-makers or make the decision and the buyer confirms funding is available.
  3. The buyer identifies how they make decisions, how they buy and who the decision-makers are in the process.
  4. The buyer agrees with your summary of the opportunity and agrees to enter into next steps either in writing or verbally.
We train mere mortals to do what "sales-naturals" do in communicating effectively to qualify and focus on real opportunities; to improve performance across the team.