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Activating Reseller Channels - The Power of WHITEBOARD storytelling

By Mark Gibson on Dec 11, 2023 4:10:36 PM

Are you a revenue leader in a B2B SaaS company charged with recruiting, activating a channel, and achieving significant sell-through in 2024?

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Woe to B2B salespeople not invested in their own development

By Mark Gibson on May 2, 2023 1:57:32 PM

The prognosis for B2B salespeople not invested in their own personal and professional development is not good.  The era of artificial intelligence (AI) and the accelerating pace of change is transforming the way we live and work... it's a great time to be alive.  Have you tried to figure out how to use Chat GPT as your digital assistant yet?

Topics: AI and Chat GPT
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How to fly a horse by Kevin Ashton - book review

By Mark Gibson on Apr 18, 2023 9:06:17 AM

How to Fly a Horse, The Secret History of Creation, Invention and Discovery by Kevin Ashton, was published in 2016 and is still fresh today.

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The end of average - book review

By Mark Gibson on Apr 5, 2023 4:18:04 PM

I just finished reading #theendofaverage by Todd Rose and recommend it highly to parents with children in high school for its insights into our 19th-century education and industrial models which we and our children are subject to on a daily basis.

This book resonated deeply with me, as someone who did not fit the mid-20th century education mold due to an attention deficit disorder and slight dyslexia. I hated school but loved certain subjects and was really good at them and really bad at others. I also dreaded performance reviews at work, another artefact of the average and Taylorism.

We owe our current education systems, based on standardised testing to the ideology of Frederick Winslow Taylor, in the late 19th-century. Taylor theorised that the way to increase efficiency and productivity in a workplace is to scientifically analyze and optimize the work process. Taylorism gave rise to the "average" as a yardstick for measuring productivity, intelligence, height, body-mass, you name it. The current education system was optimised to produce workers for 19th-century Taylorised industrial environments and it still is, with a few notable exceptions.

Rose illustrates how the use of the average has created a one-size-fits-all model in education, where students are subject to standardised tests and sorted to fit into predetermined academic streams rather than being allowed to explore and develop their individual strengths and talents.

He provides examples in the business world, using the same approach, where employees are often evaluated and rewarded based on how well they conform to the average rather than on their unique contributions and potential.

Rose uses a simple comparison between #Costco and #Walmart to contrast the impact of the Taylorist model in retail, Walmart vs. an operating model at Costco that recognizes and nurtures individual differences and where employees at all levels participate in profit sharing. Annual staff turnover at Walmart is 40%, it's 6% at Costco and Costco is extremely profitable in a sector where profits are measured in pennies.

I believe that quiet quitting thrives in organizations like Walmart and education institutions where Taylorist operating models treat and mould people as replaceable cogs in machines.

Highly recommended and thanks for the recommendation Bob Moesta

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Using a Meeting summary to improve win rate

By Mark Gibson on Mar 15, 2023 2:37:17 PM

This week I managed to get through to a buyer who had been ghosting me for a month.  Even though we had a great first meeting, I knew there was no opportunity.  We all hate losing, either to no decision or to the competition and that is why the meeting summary is such an important part of the modern sales process. Without a buyer's confirmation of agreement to your summary of the first meeting, there is no deal.

Losing to No Decision

The Jolt Effect, by Matt Dixon and Ted McKenna is garnering a lot of attention and rightly so as it documents the analysis of 2.5 million sales calls, the largest B2B sales data study since Neil Rackham’s research of 40,000+ sales calls documented in Spin Selling in1988.

The Jolt Effect (read my review), is all about judging and helping buyers to overcome their indecision around purchasing new technology.

Topics: B2B selling process
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Demand Side Sales 101 by Bob Moesta - Book Review

By Mark Gibson on Mar 6, 2023 2:38:35 PM

I hadn’t heard of Bob Moesta’s work until Mark Littlewood, CEO of The Business of Software recommended I watch a couple of videos from their UK conference last year.

Topics: demand side sales
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The End of the Beginning of SAAS Sales

By Mark Gibson on Feb 14, 2023 5:05:47 PM

David Brock is a senior sales and marketing performance consultant whom I know and trust and whose blog I read.  David correctly identified our B2B SaaS zeitgeist - and the end of the way we used to do things in outbound and inbound sales and marketing. 
David contends in his blog, Outbound is Dying, “Outbound is dying because it is drowning in the volume of messages, mostly bad, but some good, that we are inflicting on everyone through every channel. However, good the quality of the message, it no longer matters because it is lost in the volume of garbage that fills our inboxes”

Topics: Saas
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The JOLT Effect and the high cost of buyer indecision

By Mark Gibson on Jan 26, 2023 8:49:39 PM

This post will be of interest to CXO’s and revenue leaders in B2B SaaS companies because 25% of revenue is leaking from your funnel due to buyer indecision.

Topics: jolt efffect jolt effect
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Getting Channel Sell Through - Video Case Study

By Mark Gibson on Dec 16, 2022 12:33:00 PM

Storytelling, Visual Storytelling, and asking insightful questions are three of the most important skills for all customer-facing professionals for learning, retaining, and engaging buyers in conversation around their issues. They are equally important for conveying your story to prospects and customers in a way that makes an impact on them and that they are likely to remember.

Topics: visual storytelling story whiteboard storytelling
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Features and Benefits are Dead - How do you create value?

By Mark Gibson on Nov 22, 2022 2:07:02 PM

It's late 2022 and still, we are presented with B2B Websites, promotional materials, brochures and advertising copy that scream product features and so-called benefits.

Sales induction boot camps and annual sales training are built on a foundation of boring PowerPoint presentations that describe products in terms of features and benefits.
A product feature according to Wikipedia is a distinguishing characteristic of a software item, (e.g., performance, portability, or functionality).
A product benefit according to Wiktionary is an advantage, help or aid from something.
For a product feature to be of benefit to a user, the user must firstly have the problem or sub-optimal condition that the product feature addresses and have a pressing need to resolve it.

It is impossible to know if a product feature will be of benefit without first understanding the client condition.

Therefore, I propose that we declare features and benefits a deceased concept in B2B selling... they have served us for the past 70 years of marketing computer technology, but it's time to move on because the majority of salespeople cannot translate product features and benefits into meaningful conversations with buyers.

Furthermore, B2B buyers are not interested in features and benefits - they are interested in capabilities and the outcomes those capabilities produce.

Topics: positioning value proposition