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In June this year, Gartner held their mid-year Chief Sales Officer Conference, featuring a keynote from Distinguished VP Advisory, Brent Adamson, which I summarized in Brent Adamson Gartner CSO Conference Insights.

Two key pieces of insight from Gartner are super-relevant for B2B salespeople and sales leaders today, and they are:

  1. B2B buyers are adopting B2C buying preferences and would prefer a sales-rep-free experience
  2. A majority of millennial buyers would prefer a sales rep-free digital buying experience.

The question then is “how do we make our reps more effective at virtual selling and more interesting and valuable to B2B buyers in the moments that matter during the buying process when we are interacting?

In June, I published an article on the 7 Deadly Sins of Virtual Selling.  The seven characters from my article are featured in the video below and it introduces an eighth-deadly-sin.  It examines the pitfalls of virtual selling that detract from the overall value of virtual sales calls and how to easily fix them.  This should be a first-base objective for individuals and sales managers in improving virtual selling outcomes.


How good is your sales team at virtual selling?  If the effectiveness of your sales teams’ virtual selling needs to be elevated so that they connect and engage with buyers and clearly communicate value around what buyers really care about, we would welcome an opportunity to discuss.

I want to upskill my team for the moments that matter!