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Last week I joined Dave Kurlan, CEO of Objective Management Group for a conversation on Virtual Presence for salespeople. From this interview we concluded that the majority of salespeople worldwide have a long way to go before they reach an acceptable level of virtual presence where they are creating Mojo for themselves and their brand in meetings with buyers.

This post includes a 21-minute video of our Zoom call, this link to the Buzzsprout Podcast made from the call so that you can listen at your leisure, and a download link to the presentation.

Chapters include:

  • OMG Survey data from 100,000 surveys on Video Competence
  • Virtual Presence definition and discussion
  • Introducing Brand Mojo
  • Brand Mojo for Salespeople
  • Next Steps to improve your company's virtual performance.
HubSpot Video

I want more Mojo in our virtual selling presence!