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What is the most Effective Whiteboard Storytelling Training Method?

In my previous post, How Much Does a Whiteboard Story Cost to Create?, I discussed the cost elements associated with...

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Whiteboard Storytelling vs. PowerPoint - a Comparison

Microsoft PowerPoint has been installed a billion times on Mac and Windows systems since launching in 1990. With an...

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How Much Does a Whiteboard Story Cost to Create?

People ask me this question when they are curious about creating whiteboards, and the truth is that it depends on your...

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2019 Verizon DBIR- Lessons Not Learned

Verizon's Data Breach Investigation Report turns 12 this year. This year’s report contains data from more than 41,686...

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Getting into High-growth Mode - Sales Leadership Podcast #42 notes

Just listened to Rob Jeppsen's Sales Leadership Podcast episode #42, with Joe Caprio of Chorus.ai. This was excellent...

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Mark Gibson Recognized as Sales Enablement Leader


Selling Power Releases List of Leading Sales Enablement Consultants 2019...

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The Phoenix Project - A book about IT, Dev-ops and Helping your Business Win - review

"A must read for IT salespeople"Millions of salespeople sell into IT around the world, but few of them actually...

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The Lost Art of Closing - A Modern Sales Classic

This post is a review of Anthony's excellent second book, The Lost Art of Closing.

The Only Sales Guide You'll Ever...

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Disrupted - Misadventures in the Startup Bubble

What could be better to drive book sales than a super successful tech company not so secretly trying to squelch your...

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The art of making tea - a lot like making a good sales call

Making a great cup of tea has nothing to do with making a sales call, does it?

Drinking a great cup of tea has a lot...