Playbook Access Channels


Finding the relevant piece of content, when you need it, often involves an archaeological dig on multiple portals,

What if...

All salespeople could find the right content for their purpose and deploy it instantly in email, proposals, customer communications?


Useful content is locked in documents, not easily accessible or reusable.  Sellers waste huge amounts of time looking for content.

What if...

Content chunks are searchable and easily reusable in RFIs/RFPs, proposals, conversations and emails?


Marketers complain that salespeople never use more than 10% of the content they create, most of it is unused & wasted effort.

What if...

All salespeople and SE’s could quickly access just the right content without wading through endless repositories?

Point of use Content access

Enableocity delivers relevant internal and external sales content precisely where salespeople need to use it.  Whether they are in, email, out of the office on a smartphone or iPad, or using a laptop browser, sellers will always access to current and relevant content.

Sales enablement and marketing teams need to understand content effectiveness.  Our usage stats and reports on user adoption help demonstrate ROI and provide important feedback to Marketing teams on content usage.   

Other Enableocity Content Offerings:


Playbook content delivered via a custom branded Microsite enables quick access to Playbook content at the point of use. End-users can access content either using folder navigation or search. User feedback, comments, and ratings validate content. Separate Microsites can quickly be created without coding and used to externalize a subset of the playbook to channel partners.


Email Widgets

Salespeople are constantly in conversation with prospects and customers via email or phone. Enableocity’s Email Widgets embed inside Gmail and Outlook and enable Salespeople to access playbook and other sales content at the point of use. Users drag and drop relevant content in email and in response to customer queries.  Email widgets not only drive productivity but also drive adoption and ensure message consistency. Since widgets are powered by real-time data, any changes made to source content are immediately reflected.


CRM Widgets

It is critical to ensure that the Salespeople deliver relevant and effective messages to prospects. Providing sellers with content “in context” isn’t just a matter of indexing and tagging documents.  Enableocity’s embedded CRM Widget delivers the relevant content objects and nuggets (not just documents) in context and based on the attributes of an opportunity such as buyer persona, competitor, industry, etc.  Sellers needn’t download and search through documents to find just the right information for an email or RFP response. In addition to contextual content access, CRM widgets enable Salespeople to navigate through the entire playbook as well as search for additional content.


Mobile playbook app

Enableocity Mobile Playbook Apps for both iPhone and Android phones are available in the app store.  Salespeople can access playbook content on the go anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Mobile playbooks enable Salespeople not only to be productive but also enable rapid response to customer queries with the click of a button.  Mobile playbooks are also very effective in delivering training content for Salespeople and channel partners, including self-paced learning and training on new use-cases, case-studies, and new product capabilities.



Voice is an efficient and effective channel for Salespeople to learn and increase sales productivity.  Voice enabled devices such as Alexa are becoming an integral part of everyone’s life. Enableocity has developed and published VoicebookTM, a voice enabled playbook access path for Alexa as well as iOS and Android mobile applications. Salespeople can interact via voice to find relevant playbook content while driving, right before a meeting, or put a prospect on hold and quickly find the answer using voice-activated prompts.  Voicebook helps to drive seller productivity, adoption, and self-paced learning.