Visual Confections enable Visual Storytelling without the Slides

Visual Confections - Pictures tell Stories

Visual confections, such as the WittyParrot Sales and Marketing Content Creation Deployment story shown below, are powerful sales aids as they include visual images, text, numbers and a story and represent a superset of information that includes the buyer condition, your value proposition and relevant proof points that reinforce the story.

At the appropriate point in the sales call, if salespeople place a high quality A3 (11"X17") visual confection on the table, display the image on their tablet, (or direct a buyer over the phone to open an email with a .pdf, or a specific page on their Website), buyers will focus on their areas of interest in the visual and conversations will follow.

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Visual Confection Definition

According to Yale University Emeritus Professor, Edward Tufte, Visual Confections are “ structures that consist of a multiplicity of image events that illustrate an argument, organize information, show and enforce visual comparisons; they should be transparent, straightforward, obvious, natural, ordinary, conventional…with no need for hesitation or questioning on the part of the viewer”

Tufte advocates that the most powerful way of communicating ideas, whether in a church committee or a sales interaction is with a superset of the data that will hold some interest for the viewer.

In this way meetings can be shortened by 30%. A Visual confection drawn on a Whiteboard can be used at a trade-show for effective engagement, presentation and qualification of interest in an elapsed time of about 3 minutes.
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Inside Sales professionals can regain the visual aspect in communication with prospects using visual confections.

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