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Design and Master Critical Sales Conversations to Improve Engagement, Build Pipeline and Boost Win-rates

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What we do.

Why Change Selling is a London-based sales enablement consultancy,
We help B2B companies make the shift from product and solution selling to customer-centered value selling to improve win rates.


The difference.

The difference between winning and losing in selling complex B2B products and services is in the quality of the conversations your sales team is having with prospects and customers, not their ability to present products.


Critical conversations

These conversations are too important for salespeople to make up on the fly. They must be designed, tested, practiced and monitored, tuned, and constantly updated for context and relevance.

"Corey and Enableocity are part of team Claroty."
Thorsten Freitag
Thorsten Freitag
"The end product was incredible. It was honestly the best playbook I've seen in my 20 years in the industry. Thorough, and very easy to navigate. Not a detail was missed."
Laura Zwhalen
Laura Zwhalen
"Looking for ways to optimize our global sales kick-off, we partnered with Enableocity to deliver a hands-on visual storytelling training session. Enableocity blended role play, best-practices, and healthy competition to take their consultative selling skills to the next level."
Laura Bierbrauer
Laura Bierbrauer

Wondering where to start?

Everyone has their own version of the message and long sales-ramp times

Weak conversions, long sales cycles, low win-rates and high CAC

Lack of adoption of tools and training and high attrition

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Why Change How you Sell?

We believe that any company with a viable product with the right sales team, equipped with the right tools, the right skills, and the confidence to conduct the right conversations can win in any economy. 



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