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Whiteboard storytelling - your secret weapon in Face-face selling

In-person selling is back after a COVID-enforced hiatus.

As salespeople, customer success and pre-sales engineers...

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Why SaaS M&A's Fail: Strategies for Sales and Marketing Leaders


The appetite for mergers in the SaaS business is hot, with dealmaking volumes predicted to grow at 13% in...

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The importance of culture fit in B2B Saas selling


If you Google culture fit, you will find scant references to B2B selling and hundreds of references to the...

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Five Reasons Why SaaS customers churn

This article, first published on Linkedin has been substantially enhanced and will interest founders and sales and...

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The Future of B2B Selling

Today, AI-powered buyers have equal or greater access to information than sales professionals. It's time for your...

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Evolving Case Studies: From Boring Product Blather to Inspiring Stories

Introduction: The Traditional Case Study Paradigm

In the technology business, the approach to creating case studies is...

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How to accelerate B2B saas revenue in 2024 -video

The script for the video

The video below runs for 3 minutes and explores essential activities to accelerate revenue....

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Why use a sales prologue to open first meetings?

What is a sales prologue, and why use it?

This post was first published on Linkedin on 15 January 2024

A sales prologue...

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Activating Direct and channel Salespeople with WHITEBOARD storytelling

Are you a revenue leader in a B2B SaaS company charged with recruiting, activating a channel, and achieving significant...