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The JOLT Effect and the high cost of buyer indecision

This post will be of interest to CXO’s and revenue leaders in B2B SaaS companies because 25% of revenue is leaking from

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Getting Channel Sell Through - Video Case Study

Storytelling, Visual Storytelling, and asking insightful questions are three of the most important skills for all...

3 min read

Features and Benefits are Dead - How do you create value?

It's late 2022 and still, we are presented with B2B Websites, promotional materials, brochures and advertising copy...
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How to differentiate sales conversations in a sea of sameness

A Messaging Architecture helps amplify your Value

Clarity in communicating how you create value for your ideal...

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2022 Reading List for Salespeople

6 min read

Planning a 2023 Sales Kickoff  - add Visual Storytelling Training

Planning Kick-off Outcomes

Now that the worst of the pandemic is over, companies are again investing billions of...

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How to equip and fund salespeople for virtual selling success

This article will be of interest to sales leaders and salespeople interested in improving their virtual engagement...

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9- Best Practices for Selling in the Post-COVID era

Selling in the post COVID era

This article will be of interest to salespeople conducting remote calls, sales leaders,...

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How to Qualify Buyer Intent from Initial Conversations

B2B Selling process is the subject of countless books, yet basic qualification of opportunities is still problematic....

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Customer Storyboarding & Remote Meeting Mastery- video

This post is nearly 2 years old, from my time with Enableocity, but it is still 100% relevant. The embedded 2.5-minute...