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Need to accelerate B2B saas revenue in 2024? - video

The script for the video

The video below runs for 3 minutes and explores essential activities to accelerate revenue....

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Why use a sales prologue to open first meetings?

What is a sales prologue, and why use it?

This post was first published on Linkedin on 15 January 2024

A sales prologue...

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Activating Direct and channel Salespeople with WHITEBOARD storytelling

Are you a revenue leader in a B2B SaaS company charged with recruiting, activating a channel, and achieving significant...

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Woe to B2B salespeople not invested in their own development

The prognosis for B2B salespeople not invested in their own personal and professional development is not good. The era...

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How to fly a horse by Kevin Ashton - book review

How to Fly a Horse, The Secret History of Creation, Invention and Discovery by Kevin Ashton, was published in 2016 and...

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The end of average - book review

I just finished reading #theendofaverage by Todd Rose and recommend it highly to parents with children in high school...

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Using a Meeting summary to improve win rate

This week I managed to get through to a buyer who had been ghosting me for a month. Even though we had a great first...

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Demand Side Sales 101 by Bob Moesta - Book Review

I hadn’t heard of Bob Moesta’s work until Mark Littlewood, CEO of The Business of Software recommended I watch a couple...

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The End of the Beginning of SAAS Sales

David Brock is a senior sales and marketing performance consultant whom I know and trust and whose blog I read. David...