Today PwC published their global 2016 economic crime survey.

This is a comprehensive 56 page survey and will be of interest to senior executives in every company.pwc_2016_cyber_crime_survey.jpg

Cybercrime is sophisticated, organized and it can bring down your company.

Nobody is immune to the threats posed by organized cybercriminals, activists, terrorists, nation states and a variety of miscreants including your own employees.

Excerpt from article introducing report, "This year’s global economic crime survey points to the disquieting fact that too many organisations are leaving first response to their IT teams without adequate intervention or support from senior management and other key players. What’s more, the composition of these response teams is often fundamentally flawed, which ultimately affects the handling of breaches.

From our firm-wide work on digital strategy and execution with thousands of companies globally, we’ve identified practices that distinguish leaders in the digital age. Chief among these is a proactive stance when it comes to cybersecurity and privacy. This necessitates that everyone in the organisation – from the board and C-suite to middle management and hourly workers – sees it as their responsibility."

We, at Centrify believe in creating least privilege, least access policy as an immediate first step in reducing risk. Policy coupled with MFA across cloud, mobile and data center can eliminate the cause of the majority of malicious #cybercrime and #databreaches. 

Here is a link to the summary page

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