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This post is nearly 2 years old, from my time with Enableocity, but it is still 100% relevant. The embedded 2.5-minute video explains how you can transform your team's virtual selling results, boost win-rate, and build pipeline this quarter.

If you are happy with your team's virtual selling results, then this training program is not for you.

On the other hand, if you want your team to produce different outcomes from virtual meetings starting as soon as your team equips their home office for remote meeting mastery, then let's get started.

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By combining the right home video environment and a new technique that adds an engaging visual dimension to virtual meetings, salespeople can transform their meeting outcomes overnight. 

What would the impact on your organization be if 50% of your salespeople were able to progress from being 5/10 effective virtually to > 8/10 in the space of a couple of weeks?

Remote Selling Mastery delivery options vary from multiple 1-hour sessions and video to ½ day or full day REMOTE sessions. Sellers of all types (ISR's, AEs, SE's, GSA's, SDR's, CSR's) will leave the hands-on session knowing:

  1. How to set up their home office into an effective remote selling environment. 
  2. Best practices for Sales Qualification during a 1st remote meeting.
  3. Remote meeting pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  4. How to properly follow-up a first call remote meeting to improve qualification, win-rates and forecasting accuracy.

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